How to Use Second Monitor While Gaming

How to Use Second Monitor While Gaming

There are several benefits to using a second monitor when gaming, but some common issues can prevent you from entirely using your second screen. This article will look at how to set up a dual monitor setup, move fullscreen games to a second monitor, and switch between the two monitors.

Using DisplayFusion

If you’re looking to take your gaming experience to the next level, consider using DisplayFusion, a third-party tool that lets you set up multiple monitors and switch between them without minimizing your game. This lightweight tool lets you control the resolution of each monitor and your wallpaper, and you can even change the keyboard shortcuts to use your second monitor while gaming.

You can also enable borderless windowed mode when using your second monitor for gaming. This mode allows you to move your mouse into the second monitor, but you can’t override full-screen games. You can use a keyboard hotkey or a software application for the second monitor. Here are three ways to use DisplayFusion to use a second monitor while gaming.

While moving your game to a second monitor can be a great way to get more screen space, it can also lead to unwanted problems. For example, your game will start on the secondary monitor, making it difficult to move your other programs to the second monitor. Fortunately, you can use the Display Fusion method to move windows, and it is an option you can use as a last resort. To set up DisplayFusion, go to the start menu and open System>Display.

Using DisplayFusion to use a second monitor during gaming allows you to combine the best aspects of a dual monitor setup, including resolution, size, and orientation. For the most seamless multi-screen gaming experience, it’s best to use monitors with the same size and resolution. In addition, some games are also compatible with dual monitors, allowing you to use the second monitor as a chat window, walkthrough, or GPU monitor.

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How to Use Second Monitor While Gaming
How to Use Second Monitor While Gaming
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