How to Switch to Second Monitor While Gaming

How to Switch to Second Monitor While Gaming

If you have more than one monitor, there are several ways to switch between them while gaming. One way is to press Ctrl+Alt+D. This will open Task Manager. Select the “Background processes” window. You can switch between two displays using a 60 Hz monitor or docking station.

Using a 60 Hz monitor as a secondary monitor

Using a 60 Hz monitor as your secondary monitor can be beneficial for many reasons. Not only are they cheaper, but they are excellent for reading chat and editing streams while gaming. They also don’t affect the performance of your primary monitor. However, you may notice a slight performance drop if you use both simultaneously.

The problem may be related to the refresh rate difference. Using two monitors with different refresh rates will cause stuttering. In some cases, the refresh rate of the secondary monitor will lock up with the primary monitor. You can solve this issue by using VSync on your primary monitor.

While you can still get high refresh rate monitors, they’re expensive. If you’re not a serious gamer, a 60Hz monitor is unsuitable for your gaming needs. If you want to play games with high-quality graphics, you should consider a 120Hz or 165Hz monitor. However, this will depend on the other features of the monitor.

If you’re using a secondary monitor for gaming, you’ll need to buy one with a lower refresh rate than your primary monitor. It’s best to use the lower one for other purposes and keep the primary monitor as your primary one. This way, you can run your main program on the primary monitor while you play games on the secondary. The refresh rate is only one of many factors that affect the performance of a program.

Higher refresh rate monitors improve the gaming experience, but the difference between a 60 Hz monitor and a 144 Hz monitor is slightly different. A 144Hz refresh rate monitor will offer you more smooth gameplay and reduce lag.

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How to Switch to Second Monitor While Gaming
How to Switch to Second Monitor While Gaming
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