How to Monetize Your YouTube Gaming Videos

How to Monetize Your YouTube Gaming Videos

There are various ways to monetize your YouTube gaming videos. You can sell ad space, Sponsorships, and Channel memberships. However, it is best to focus on content that will be useful for people who are not familiar with video game industry. You can also consider incorporating news and reviews about the latest games into your content.

Channel memberships

If you create and publish gaming videos on YouTube, you can monetize them by offering channel memberships to your subscribers. The memberships allow you to post exclusive content in your community tab and let your subscribers see your videos before the public. While this sounds like a great way to get more exposure, YouTube channel memberships are not a good solution for every creator.

The downside of channel memberships is that you have to give up control over your income. YouTube is notorious for reshuffling pricing structures from time to time. If you’re not willing to accept the new rules and take a 30% cut of the revenue, it could cost you your subscription income. You will also have a lot more competition for subscribers.

Another popular way to monetize your YouTube gaming videos is through product placement. This involves featuring a product in a video and including an affiliate link. Then, when viewers make a purchase through your affiliate link, you get a commission. In this way, you can generate a good amount of money with your videos.

In order to monetize your YouTube gaming videos, you’ll need to keep your audience engaged. Keep your video content fresh and informative and be consistent. YouTube gaming audiences want fresh content on a regular basis, so post new videos at least once a week. Live streaming is another way to keep your subscribers interested. Lastly, respond to comments. The more responses you have, the higher your chances of increasing YouTube views.

Another great way to monetize your YouTube gaming videos is to sell channel memberships. Channel memberships allow you to offer exclusive perks to subscribers. These perks can be in the form of custom badges or emojis. In addition to that, you can even sell advertising on YouTube.

Another way to monetize your YouTube gaming videos is to sell official merchandise. This works well for creators with a lot of subscribers. YouTube allows you to offer your fans more than 20 different items. One creator made over $1 million by selling more than 60,000 plushies.


YouTube gaming sponsorships can be lucrative for both gamers and brands. Sponsors provide a variety of perks, including custom emotes, badges, and access to exclusive sponsors-only live chat rooms. These new features allow YouTube gaming creators to earn money while creating content that will engage fans.

Depending on the size of your channel and content, you can choose from several different types of YouTube gaming video sponsorship. Sponsors look for a variety of factors, including the number of views on each video and the average video watch time. A long average watch time indicates that viewers are engaged with the content. If your videos have a high average watch time, sponsors will be more likely to choose you.

In addition to the benefits of YouTube gaming video sponsorships, the content and presentation of your video are vital to obtaining these deals. Make your content interesting and relevant to your audience. Include trending topics or popular questions in your content to attract potential sponsors. For example, if you’re creating videos on a game, you might want to include a question or trending topic that people are interested in, such as “how to play X-Box.” In addition, try to incorporate a specific niche or subject matter in your videos, such as tech gaming.

Another way to attract YouTube gaming video sponsors is to build a large audience. Ideally, you should aim for a thousand subscribers. Moreover, you should post a video at least once every week. This will keep the YouTube algorithm happy and allow you to attract your ideal audience. For best results, you should also try to stay consistent with your videos and stick to a particular topic.

Aside from the above, you should also consider product sponsorships. These sponsorships come in the form of free products that you can review. The rewards can be small, like free clothes, or they can be large, like a free trip. If you are a YouTuber who enjoys outdoor sports, you can also try reaching out to outdoor sports brands through social media.


You might already know that you can monetize your YouTube gaming videos with applause. However, this feature is only available to viewers in countries where YouTube has enabled it. This means that unless you are based in Australia, Brazil, India, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, or USA, you can’t make money with this feature.

The Applause feature lets viewers support a creator by purchasing clapping animation. The creator receives 70 percent of the profit from each clap and 30% goes to YouTube. The great thing is that this feature isn’t available to all YouTube channels yet. In fact, YouTube only implements this feature for channels with high viewership and monetization friendly videos.

If you are looking for more ways to monetize your YouTube gaming videos, you can consider using the Super Thanks feature. Previously known as Viewer applause, this option lets creators make money directly from their viewers. When someone buys the Super Thanks, a small animation will appear above the video page and contains a customized comment. This feature is available at different price points.

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How to Monetize Your YouTube Gaming Videos
How to Monetize Your YouTube Gaming Videos
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