How to Make a Gaming Community

How to Make a Gaming Community

Whether you are looking to start an online gaming community or want to expand your existing one, there are several things you can do. Gaming communities depend on communication among members of the community. There are various platforms you can use, such as Discord, Facebook, and Reddit, to keep the group in touch.


You can monetize your gaming community by selling advertising space on your website or app. Users spend more than 3 hours each day on mobile devices and web devices, allowing you to cash in on valuable ad space. CometChat helps you make the most of that time by increasing user engagement and promoting retention.

If you’re building a gaming community, good chat features are critical, but it takes time to deploy them. One solution for this problem is CometChat, an end-to-end encrypted chat platform. This software is highly customizable and offers a range of great features.

CometChat is compatible with many popular social networking software platforms. You can integrate it with JomSocial, EasySocial, SocialEngine, and SocialStrap. It is also compatible with Ning, and has a dedicated chat component for Ning. Whether you’re looking to build a gaming community, or just want to add social features, this software makes the job easier.

Besides being a robust chat solution, CometChat provides good online support. It allows users to chat with other members of their community in real-time, and has voice, video, and text chat capabilities. You can even set up group chats and play games with other members.

Games based on social networks rely heavily on communication between community members. Many people scan a wide variety of online communication channels like Discord, Facebook, and Reddit to communicate with others. By using CometChat SDK, LifeQuest was able to increase user retention by seven times.


Blogs are an excellent way to build a gaming community. These sites allow gamers to talk about their favorite games and become influencers within the gaming industry. They also give bloggers access to new technology and game updates before they are publicly released. They can also get invitations to exclusive gaming conferences and press events. Before starting a video gaming blog, it’s important to decide exactly what your blog’s focus will be.

Video game blogs should have an about page. The about page should contain details on the services the blog provides. In addition, it should include a picture of the author. Finally, it should include contact information. Video game blogs may have better success on YouTube, Reddit, and Twitch.

One of the best ways to generate interest for a game is to tell the story of its development. A blog is an excellent, inexpensive way to do this. For example, if you’re making a game, you can keep a weekly dev diary on your blog. Some game developers also share their weekly progress on social media.

You can also make a gaming blog dedicated to one particular game. A gaming blog can also provide guides for games, and provide gaming news and information. In any case, it’s important to determine the target audience before starting a video gaming blog. This will help you build a following and inform your content strategy.


If you want to start your own gaming community on Reddit, there are some basic steps you can follow. First, you need to sign up for a free account. Then, select the “Create a Community” link. From there, you’ll need a name for the subreddit. The name should be three to 21 characters, and you can’t change it later. Remember to avoid special characters, trademarked names, and spaces.

Subreddits are user-run forums on Reddit. They allow users to post links, text, and images, and can be upvoted for valuable content and downvoted for irrelevant content. Other users can also respond and share their opinions. Although there are millions of subreddits on Reddit, there are only a few hundred of the most active.

Subreddits are a good way to reach gamers who share your interests. Gaming is one of the most popular topics on Reddit, with over 172 million visitors every month. With a large audience, gaming is an excellent opportunity for brands. There are endless conversations on the site that will engage your audience in a fun and meaningful way.

Another way to attract new gamers is to become an active member of a subreddit. Make sure you post interesting content and give relevant details about your game. Make sure to post something unique to each subreddit. Otherwise, you risk your posts being removed or even getting banned.

The key is to find subreddits with a diverse community. Subreddits like r/pcgamers or r/boardgames will allow you to network with other people with similar interests. In fact, you can find many good friends on these boards.


There are many ways to create a gaming community on Discord. You can create multiple user tiers or choose to have moderators. Then you can create rules to govern the community. Discord allows you to create these rules through a simple statement or a short list of requirements for members.

You can create a Discord server from scratch or use a template. A template will contain the names and icons of your server. Be sure to choose a name and icon that is consistent with your brand and profile picture. You can also create multiple channels. After creating a server, you can start engaging your members.

Discord offers video and audio chat. It is a great place to connect with your followers and promote your brand. It also has a robust search function that makes it easy to locate gaming communities and specific parties. You can even use this feature to help members find each other. Its popularity has made it the perfect tool for gaming communities.

Discord servers have been growing in popularity among gamers. The most recent statistics show that some Discord servers have over a million members. The number of users has exploded in recent months, and the possibility to reach an audience that is notoriously resistant to advertising has made it an attractive proposition for video game marketers.

If you’re looking to start a gaming community on Discord, here are some steps to guide you. These seven steps can help you build a gaming community that is private and exclusive.

Commentary videos

The first thing to consider is what you want to talk about. You want to keep your viewers engaged, so it’s important to think of something you can discuss without having to think too hard. For example, you can talk about game play or strategies for success. You could also talk about mods, as many people don’t know how to use them. Using a script and bullet points can help you plan what to talk about.

Another important tip is to have good audio and video quality. If you plan to upload these videos to YouTube, make sure you have good equipment and software. Ideally, you should record your videos in 720p or 1080p resolution with a frame rate of 30fps. This will be ideal for YouTube, which limits videos to 30fps.

If you decide to make gaming videos, try to make them interesting and informative. Try to avoid being too biased because it can lead to an unsatisfied audience. It is also helpful to create video content that explores the different gaming peripherals and consoles. A well-done gaming video can spark discussion.

After making a video, make sure you have a catchy title and a great intro. A poorly made title sends a negative signal to YouTube’s algorithm, and it may cause it to not recommend your video. A strong introduction should move your character around the game landscape and make the viewer uncomfortable.

Lastly, make sure you’re consistent. People will look at time and content as an important factor when deciding whether to watch a video or not. You don’t want them to watch 45 minutes of uncut footage. It’s better to produce a shorter video that is short, concise, and to the point. Also, remember that video viewers will appreciate quality filming and commentary.

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How to Make a Gaming Community
How to Make a Gaming Community
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