How to Keep Phone Cool While Gaming

How to Keep Phone Cool While Gaming

If you’re an avid gamer, you know that your phone can overheat. Consider upgrading to a new phone with more memory and better processing power. You can also use some devices to keep the phone cool while gaming. Readers are encouraged to contribute ideas for these devices.

Battery Saver DU

Battery Saver DU is a great application that keeps your phone cool and running longer. It offers numerous battery life profiles, including “my mode,” which can be configured to suit your needs. Other modes include sleep, general, and prolonged. In addition, you can even create custom modes to make your phone run longer without running out of power.

DU Battery Saver is a similar application to DU Speed Booster. It also optimizes power usage by shutting down unused apps and reducing device heat. It has a home screen “Optimize” button that can adjust the battery saving mode to fit your preferences.

DU Battery Saver is one of Android’s most popular battery-saving applications. It has over 6 million ratings and averages 4.5 stars in the Android app store. It also offers customization features, including intelligent preset modes and scheduling power-saving modes based on the time of day.

The DU Battery Saver optimizes your battery performance by shutting down apps that drain your phone’s battery too quickly, turning down the brightness, and adjusting display timeout settings. It also disables Bluetooth when the phone is not in use. DU Battery Saver can be configured to be initiated manually or automatically.

This app also helps you keep your phone cool while gaming. The app can also optimize your Android system to make the phone last longer. DU Battery Saver has an overall rating of 4.5 stars with 7,946 reviews. It was even featured on Yahoo Finance.


Using a case for your phone can keep your phone cooler while you play games. Many cases contain a layer of plastic that acts as insulation. This can keep your phone from overheating, which is essential if you’re playing games on your bed. Besides protecting your phone from damage, a case can keep it cool when charging or gaming.

Games use a lot of processing power and battery while they’re running. It’s hazardous to play games in bright sunlight, which can overheat your phone and result in physical damage. Luckily, there are ways to reduce your phone’s heat without using a case. For example, you can turn off other applications while you’re playing a game to reduce the amount of battery your phone uses. In addition, if you’re using an Android phone, you can set the phone’s optimization feature to minimize the number of applications it uses.

While gaming, remember to take regular breaks from your gaming session. It’s essential to get plenty of rest and eat! It’s impossible to game all day long – your body needs time to recharge. It would help if you prioritized resting and eating, so it’s a good idea to protect your phone from overheating.

A good phone case can also protect your phone from being dropped. When you’re playing games with high graphics, your phone can become hot. An issue that keeps the device cool can reduce these problems and increase your gaming experience. Phone cases also protect your phone from scratches, which can damage the phone’s display.


Phones can get very hot while gaming. The graphics of PUBG and other games can get very intense, and your phone will quickly heat up. However, you can do a few things to keep your phone cool and avoid damage. You can use a case or cover to protect your phone and mitigate the heat that excessive use can cause.

Firstly, ensure that you are gaming for only a short period. This can lead to overheating your phone and decreasing its performance. You should also avoid playing games in direct sunlight, as it can damage the phone’s battery. Another way to reduce heat is to switch off sensors that aren’t in use. For example, you should turn off your mobile data, GPS location, and Bluetooth. Turning these off will make the phone more energy efficient and prevent it from overheating.

Secondly, uninstall unnecessary apps and functions from your device. Some apps will increase your device’s temperature when they aren’t in use, so remove these from your phone as soon as possible. This is especially important if you are using your phone for gaming. Another way to reduce phone temperature is to use an application that measures real-time temperature. This application will show you your device’s temperature, as well as its CPU and RAM usage.

As modern mobile games become more graphics-heavy, it’s essential to consider the temperature of your phone while gaming. Usually, your phone should get at most 800C or 176F. However, it’s common for phones to get hotter than that, damaging internal components and ruin the gaming experience.

Avoiding direct sunlight

You are avoiding direct sunlight while gaming is an excellent habit to develop, as it will keep your phone’s battery cool. Playing games can cause your phone’s battery to overheat and damage its components. It’s also essential to turn the screen brightness down if possible. You can also use airplane mode to conserve battery power and keep your phone cooler. Avoid letting your phone cool down too quickly, as this will cause condensation.

Avoiding direct sunlight is also essential when gaming outdoors. Bright sunlight can make your screen challenging to read, which will heat your device. If you can, turn down the screen brightness so that you don’t have to turn it up constantly. Try moving into the shade while gaming to avoid the sun’s heat if you have to.

Avoiding direct sunlight will keep your phone cool during gaming, especially if you’re using the screen for an extended period. Your phone’s battery and miniature circuit board are sensitive to high temperatures, so keep it out of the sun whenever possible. You should also avoid leaving your phone in the car, which is hot and stuffy.

As you can see, keeping your phone cool while gaming is essential. Overheating a phone will ruin its battery, force shutdown, or damage the Central Processing Unit. Fortunately, there are several ways to keep your phone cool during gaming. Avoiding direct sunlight is the most common solution, but if it isn’t possible, there are other alternatives. You can also put the phone in a shady area or keep it in a drawer.

Shutting down unnecessary apps

Shutting down unnecessary applications is a great way to keep your phone cool while gaming. Many gamers must remember to close apps after they finish, which adds to the phone’s workload. To prevent overheating, close all running applications, even those you don’t use often.

Keeping your phone cool is essential for your safety and health. While playing games, you should minimize the brightness of your screen and reduce the graphics settings. Another way to keep your device cool while gaming is to uninstall bloatware. These unwanted applications use precious system resources and can cause severe issues for your device. It would help if you also took short breaks between gaming sessions to cool down your phone.

It would help if you shut down any background apps you are not using. These apps are making your phone work hard and causing it to overheat. To do this, swipe up your screen or double-tap the home button to find all the apps you have open. Alternatively, you can go to the menu icon in the lower-left corner of your screen (three vertical dots and lines).

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How to Keep Phone Cool While Gaming
How to Keep Phone Cool While Gaming
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