How to Get Rid of AMD Gaming Evolved

How to Get Rid of AMD Gaming Evolved

If you’ve been wondering how to get rid of AMD Gaming Evolved, you’ve come to the right place. The application is a mercenary competitor of Nvidia’s GeForce Experience. It was created by a company called Raptr. While Raptr hasn’t existed since 2017, you can still get it off your PC.

Raptr created the application

Earlier this year, AMD announced that it had partnered with Raptr to create an AMD Gaming Evolution application. With this application, PC gamers can redeem points earned by playing their favorite games for free prizes. It also features a chat tool, screenshot tools, and tweaking in-game settings. The application utilizes information gathered by Raptr’s community to give gamers the best configuration possible for their PCs.

The app is free to download for AMD gaming hardware, and it also allows you to stream your gaming sessions to Twitch and other social media sites. It even rewards you for gaming by giving you points for completing tasks. In return, you can receive free games and AMD GPUs if you reach certain achievements within the app. As of this writing, the application is still free, but it won’t be around for much longer.

The AMD Gaming Evolution application is compatible with most PC operating systems, and uses minimal resources. It doesn’t upload large amounts of data to the Internet, and it is lightweight in memory. It can also record your gameplay and upload it to YouTube and social media sites.

It allows you to broadcast live videos

If you want to broadcast live video of your gaming sessions, AMD Gaming Evolution provides an excellent tool. This tool allows you to customize your desktop and stream gameplay content to your viewers. It includes features such as a Scene Editor, which lets you edit on-screen components. You can even create multiple scenes and customize your layout. This tool also provides Live Streaming capabilities, which let you broadcast your content directly to online streaming services.

This feature allows you to set the video resolution and the audio bit rate. You can choose between 480p, 720p, 1080p, 1440p, and 2160p. Higher bit rates result in better video and audio quality. However, they require more Internet bandwidth.

It monitors your activity

While AMD Gaming Evolved sounds a lot like the GeForce Experience program from NVIDIA, there are major differences between the two programs. While NVIDIA employs dedicated teams to test and optimize every possible combination of hardware, AMD draws its data from a community site called Raptr. The site collects anonymous game settings and hardware configuration detail. It then filters the data to see which settings and features work best for various games.

The AMD Gaming Evolved app enables gamers to optimize their PCs by monitoring their activities. It also offers rewards and unlockables for players. It can also help users stream their gaming activity to social networks such as Twitch. The app can also help gamers get free games and other hardware.

However, the AMD Gaming Evolved application is no longer being distributed with AMD’s Radeon Software builds. Raptr will continue to support the app after AMD discontinues it. Although AMD no longer offers support and compatibility testing for this app, it remains available for download through AMD’s own site.

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How to Get Rid of AMD Gaming Evolved
How to Get Rid of AMD Gaming Evolved
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